• Early Childhood Care and Development Services
  • Child and Youth Welfare Services
  • Women Welfare Services
  • Care of Aged
  • Rehabilitation of the Persons with Disabilities
  • Rehabilitation of Ex-drug Addicts
  • Grants in Aids to Voluntary Organization
  • Public Welfare Services
  • Repatriation , Reintegration and Rehabilitation of Victims of Trafficking
  • Social Protection Programe
  • Providing immediate relief to disasters affected  people
  • Providing  aids to externally  or Internally displaced people due  to natural disaster onthe river and sea
  • Delivering assistance to displaced people due to man- made disaster
  • Providing support to people suffering from starvation
  • Cooperating and Coordinating with stakeholders for rehabilitation and reconstruction
  • Conducting training and awareness programmes on disaster risk management

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