• In 1945, before Myamar gained its independence , the supervisory office of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation was established to conduct the activities of social welfare and natural disaster prevention. Lately, after 1948, during the time of independence gained, the office was reorganized as the ministry of education, social welfare and resettlement. After that, the name of the office had changed as the ministry of education, relief and resettlement in 1952 and it had changed as the ministry of ethnic minority and relief and resettlement again in the same year to with the purpose of implementing the activities of natural disaster preparation, relief and resettlement and providing necesarry assistance. But in 1957, due to the political change, it had modied the name of the office as the ministry of Relief, Resettlement and National Reconciliation. In 1972, when the new administration took over, the office was reconstituted as Ministry of Social Welfare. At the beginning, there are two departments under the ministry as department of social welfare and department of relief and resettlement.

    1992,the State Law and Order Restoration Council transformed the Ministry of Social Welfare into the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement with three departments including The Fire Services department under its Notification 14/92 dated 19-02-1992.

    On 6th November 2012, the Department of Fire Services was transferred to the Ministry of Home Affairs due to the nature of work and to be in accord with the contemporary situations, and so there are only two departments left under this ministry---the Social Welfare Department and Relief and Resettlement Department.

    There are 265 Officer and 2876 Staff(Total 3141) under the Ministry.According to the need of the civil servants, the Ministry increased the office in Division Region and Training school for two departments.On 2015 March 31, the Ministry has 620 Officer and 4314 Staff (total 4934) were present.

    Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement have 620 officials, 4314 staffs and total 4934 with the extension of the organization set up for the development of administrative mechanism on 1st April 2015.

    On 10th March 2016, Department of Social Welfare extended its organization set up and the Ministry have the officials were 624, staffs were 4632 and total was 5256.

    Both of two departments, Department of Social Welfare and Relief and Resettlement Department were extended their organization set up on 6th July 2017.  So there were 1965 officials, 14614 staffs and the total was 16579.

    On 31st January 2018, under the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, Department of Rehabilitation was established with the staffs from the existing two departments. Moreover the name of Relief and Resettlement Department was changed to Disaster Management Department.

    So the following are the current organization set up of Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement,

    No.      Name                                                                  Officer            Staff             Total

    1          Minister’s Office                                                        50                    115                  165

    2          Department of Social Welfare                                765                  8383                9148

    3          Disaster Management Department                       1120                 5814                6934

    4          Department of Rehabilitation                                    54                   264                  318

                Total                                                                      1989                14576              16565

  • The following is the list of minsters who served from the beginning to
    the minsters who are currently taking up office

    1.   U Ba Saw                                                          From 7th, Sept, 1953 To 27th, Feb, 1959

    2.   U Loon Baw                                                      From 27th, Feb, 1959 To 4th, Apr, 1960

    3.   U Ba Saw                                                         From 4th, Apr, 1960 To 2nd, Mar, 1962

    4.   Colonel Saw Myint                                             From 5th, Mar, 1962 To 3rd, Dec, 1963

    5.   Colonel Mg Lwin                                                From 3rd, Dec, 1963 To 24th, Mar, 1970

    6.   Brigadier General Tin Pe                                     From 24th, Mar, 1970 To 14th,Nov, 1970

    7.   Brigadier General Thaung Dan                             From 14th, Nov, 1970 To 4th, Mar, 1974

    8.   U Van Khuu                                                       From 4th, Mar, 1974 To 3rd, Mar, 1978

    9.   U Man San Myat Shwe                                        From 3rd, Mar, 1978 To 20th, Mar, 1979

    10.   U Mya Maung                                                   From 20th, Mar, 1979 To 28th, jan, 1980

    11.   Brigadier Khin Ohnn                                          From 28th, Jan, 1980 To 16th, Oct, 1980

    12.   General Chit Hlaing                                           From 16th, Oct, 1980 To 9th, Nov,1981

    13.   U Ohnn Kyaw                                                   From 9th, Nov, 1981 To 18th, Sept, 1988

    14.   Dy General Aung Ye Kyaw                                 From 20th, Sept,1988 To 9th, Feb, 1989

    15.   Deputy General Tin Htun                                   From 9th, Feb, 1989 To 19th, Feb, 1992

    16.   Brigadier General Thuang Myint                         From 19th, Feb, 1992 To 15th, Jun, 1995

    17.   General Soe Myint                                            From 15th, June, 1995 To 15th, Jan, 1997

    18.   Brigadier General Pyae Sone                              From 15th, Jan, 1997 To 29th, Oct, 1999

    19.   General Sein Htwar                                           From 29th, Oct, 1999 To 14th, May, 2006

    20.   General Maung Maung Swe                                From 15th, May, 2006 To 31st, Mar, 2011

    21.   U Aung Kyi                                                       From 31st, Mar, 2011 To 27th, August, 2012

    22.   Dr. Daw Myat Myat Ohn Khin                              From 7th,  Sept,2012 To 31st, March , 2016

    23.   Dr.Win Myat Aye                                               From 1st , April  2016 and Incumbent 

  • The following is the list of deputy minsters who served from the beginning
    to the those who are currently taking up office.

    1.   Colonel Van Khuu                                                     From 13th, May, 1953 To 3rd, Mar, 1978

    2.   U Khin Nyein                                                            From 3rd, Mar, 1978 To 17th, Jun, 1980

    3.   U Paw Khan Than                                                    From 17th, Jun, 1980 To 14th, Oct, 1983

    4.   U Kyaw Than                                                           From 14th, Oct, 1983 To 5th, Nov, 1985

    5.   U Paw Khan Than                                                     From 5th, Nov, 1985 To 17th, Feb, 1993

    6.   U Win Naing                                                             From 17th, Feb, 1993 To 16th, Nov, 1995

    7.   Brigader General Maung Kyi                                        From 16th, Nov, 1995 To 10th, May, 2001

    8.   U Hlaing Win                                                             From 10th, May, 2001 To 25th, Aug, 2003

    9.   Brigader General Kyaw Myint                                      From 25th, Aug, 2003 To 31st, Mar, 2011

    10.   U Phone Swe                                                           From 31st, Mar, 2011 To 31st, Mar,2016

    11.   Daw Su Su Hlaing                                                    From 27th, August, 2012 To 31st, Mar, 2016

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